Testing modalities

There are three types of supported testing modalities:

  1. Home visit
  2. Walk-in visit
  3. Patient self-sample

Home visit

A home visit is a visit requiring a licensed professional to visit the patient’s home to collect a specimen (typically liquid blood). This individual is typically a phlebotomist.

A professional is required because the process of obtaining the quantity of liquid blood needed to perform certain tests requires training and sometimes specialized equipment (centrifuge).

Walk-in visit

A walk-in visit is when the patient decides to go to a clinic to get their blood drawn. Today this is only supported at LabCorp PSCs (patient service centers). Please note there are certain state by state limitations. Namely the state of NY is not currently supported for walk-ins. For more information please email [email protected]

Patient self-sample

Patient self-sample refers to the type of testing where the patient collects the specimen themselves (dried bloodspot, saliva). Test kits for patient self-sample require more robust instructions and require the patient to ship the sample back with the provided return shipping label.