What is your DBS/Saliva testing coverage?

We cover all states except for NY. If our physician network facilitation is used, all other states in the United States are covered. However, if you bring your own physician network, it will be limited by the coverage your network allows.

What is your phlebotomy testing coverage?

We serve all US states and territories except:

  • ND (North Dakota)
  • HI (Hawaii)
  • AK (Alaska)
  • AS (American Samoa)
  • GU (Guam)
  • MP (Northern Mariana Islands)
  • PR (Puerto Rico)
  • VI (US Virgin Islands)
  • UM (US Minor Outlying Islands)
  • MH (Marshall Islands)
  • FM (Micronesia)
  • PW (Palau)
  • All military bases
  • PO Boxes

For convenience: "ND", "HI", "AK", "AS", "GU", "MP", "PR", "VI", "UM", "MH", "FM", "PW"

What is your daily fulfillment cut-off time?

1 PM PST. All orders placed before 1 PM PST Monday-Friday will be fulfilled by the end of the day (the kit will be collected by the carrier and an order will be placed with the phlebotomy network). All orders placed after 1 PM PST will be fulfilled by the end of the next business day.

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