All about Butterfly Labs

Platform overview

Butterfly Labs is a diagnostics platform that provides at-home testing to digital health companies. Companies use the API to order a variety of diagnostic tests across a spectrum of tests (lipid panels, hormone tests) and sample types (dried bloodspot, saliva, phlebotomy).

Step 1 - Create your account

The first thing you need to do is create an account. If you are interested in setting up an account, schedule a call with us here. Once your company is in our system, you will securely receive your API keys.

You will receive a production/sandbox key pair that looks like the following:

Production KeySandbox Key

Step 2 - Familiarize yourself with the API

This documentation represents the current state of our API. They are subject to change over the course of development. We will let you know about any major changes in advance via email.

The documentation is primarily organized by resources. Most endpoints support basic actions like create, read, and update. POST requests are not idempotent. If you submit an order and are unsure if it has been received, first check if the resource exists by listing the orders resource in your account.

Testing code

To test code easily, you can either copy the requests and paste them into your terminal (assuming your machine supports cURL). Otherwise, if you have the Postman app, you can copy a code example and import it into your Postman editor simply.

  1. Copy code snippet.
  2. Navigate to Postman and find the import button.
  3. Select Raw text and paste the code snippet there.

Using Postman

  1. Hit import.

From there you should be able to easily alter your API key header and run a request.